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Our Mission


Our mission is to communicate the deep connections between human wellbeing, environmental sustainability, a healthy society, and the rights of all living things in a clear and well-grounded way that respects science, ancient wisdom and common sense.

Connecting the Dots for a Planet in Crisis

We face the greatest test ever encountered by humanity. The planet we live on, and owe our existence to, is being destroyed by our own actions. We are killing the source of our life. It is something we cannot negotiate our way out of, the most powerful solutions lie in changing our behaviour.

The Challenge

It is essential that we accept this exciting challenge to modify our way of living. There is no magic technology that will alter the present course in time, there is no convention of science or governments that can act with the speed needed. It is time for us to take back the power to control our collective future. The good news is that making the changes needed will vastly improve our health, assure a better world for future generations and heal our broken bond with the natural world.

Food and the Future

The food we eat is a central issue in creating a sustainable future for life on earth. Even though this is continually recognized by international organizations, governments, medical experts and economists it is usually placed under the heading of “things to do”.

Any urgency of action is buried under the weight of economic concerns, nutritional mythologies and cultural habit. This is an issue of survival. Our intention is to bring these issues to the surface, provide a clear-eyed assessment of the present hazards, the barriers to change and an unapologetic and practical approach to solutions.

The Personal becomes Planetary

We believe in the power of small acts. There is a resistance by many to believe in the power of individuals to create significant change. This is often used as a braking mechanism by those with vested interest in maintaining power. This is no time for pessimism it is a time for clear vision and focused action.

In good health

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