Simple Condiments
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Simple Condiments


In the Human Ecology Diet, we use few table condiments. Our cooking condiments are generally miso and soy sauce. These products contain salt, so use them sparingly or not at all, to suit your own preference.

Sesame Salt (Gomashio)

Gomashio can also be purchased in natural food stores, but many people prefer to make their own. Use fourteen parts roasted sesame seeds to one part roasted sea salt. Dry roast seeds. Grind seeds together with sea salt in a small earthenware bowl called a suribachi (or in a mortar and pestle) until about two-thirds of the seeds are crushed. Sprinkle daily on your vegetable and wholegrain dishes.

Umeboshi Plum

Plums that have been dried and pickled with sea salt for over one year. They can be used in many simple home remedies, in cooking with grains, or as a base for salad dressings.

Nori Condiment

To make this condiment, put dried nori or several sheets of fresh nori in approximately one cup of water and enough tamari or soy sauce for a moderate salty taste. Simmer until most of the water cooks down to a thick paste. Use sparingly on top of grain dishes.


Made from cabbage and sea salt, this can be eaten sparingly with a meal. You can purchase organic sauerkraut at natural foods stores. Other vegetable pickles without sugar or other additives are also good to use if naturally fermented.

Takuan Daikon Pickles

A dried long pickle that can be taken in small amounts with or after a meal.


Grain vinegar such as brown rice vinegar, umeboshi vinegar, or a good-quality balsamic. Use moderately.

Ginger (either grated or the fresh juice)

As a garnish or flavoring in vegetable dishes, soups, and pickled


Horseradish or Grated Fresh Daikon

Use occasionally as a garnish to aid digestion.

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