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Peace, Blessings & The Best of Joy


Dear Friends

We hope this newsletter finds you well and taking care of yourself. The last three months passed so quickly as both Bill and I were busy with many different projects. However, bringing people together to share the love of what we teach never fails to change lives. 

We are currently writing a book on men’s health for one of our high-profile clients. He changed his life with our programme, then his mother also had a life-saving experience with us. Hence, his passion is to share this health transformation of them both with the world. So, here we are on chapter eight, but making great progress in other areas for 2024 that we are excited to share with you.

Oxford Union Debate

First up is the news from our friend and comrade Dr. Sailesh Rao who won the Oxford Union debate on the proposition, "This House Would Go Vegan" by a margin of 112-84. At a venue where reason generally prevails, our factual case for the proposition on environmental, health and ethical grounds won over the emotional case made for the opposition on traditional and cultural grounds. This is a critical step in making progress on the grassroots front towards a thriving future.

This also ties in with our participation at the Oxford Literary Festival where Bill and I will present our work, our books, and our Human Ecology Project. Over 300 authors from 32 countries are invited to this prestigious event, so we are thrilled to be involved. I will also have another opportunity to speak after the opening Gala Dinner where hundreds of guests will feast on my vegan menu. A wonderful and exciting event that Bill and I are looking forward to in the spring, so a wonderful start to 2024. 

Launch of 2024 Oxford Literary Festival

We were delighted to be part of the festival launch held this month at Westminster. His Excellency Pedro Serrano, European Union Ambassador to the Court of St James’s hosted a reception to launch the Programme for the 27th Oxford Literary Festival.  Oxford Literary Festival Director, Sally Dunsmore along with Guest Speaker: The Lord Patten of Barnes KG CH PC Chancellor of the University of Oxford put on an excellent evening.

We had some fantastic opportunities to speak with many guests, one of them Dr. Lynn Robson, Dean of Regent’s Park College, one of the 44 colleges that make up Oxford University. We discussed our idea to create Human Ecology Project Suppers and combine that with virtual presentations from our advisory board members, three of them are featured in the links below. Dr. Lynn said this was excellent news to hear as many of her students are indeed very interested in ecology.

Moving Forward in 2024 with our School Programmes

Other fantastic connections were made on the evening and as our friend Professor Stephen Law FRSA an English philosopher who is currently Director of the Certificate in Higher and Education and Director of Philosophy at The Department of Continuing Education, University of Oxford was in attendance, he confirmed that two schools from disadvantaged areas have already confirmed that they will participate in workshops with us. Children's health is currently a major concern for many nations. With obesity, diabetes, and CVD (cardiovascular diseases) sky rocketing, there is no doubt that we need a better food system to help improve our children’s eating habits.  This is music to our ears as our Human Ecology Project message great idea, the future.

Bill and I say day in and day out that education is the most powerful tool we possess to assist us in moving toward a vegan world. Non-violent, peaceful presentations and bringing people together is the way forward. So, on that note, enjoy the first three presentations from our wonderful advisory board members sharing their powerful messages. You can view them on our YouTube channel or listen or view on our podcast channel.

May 2024 bring peace, love and abundance to you, your loved ones and to the rest of the world.

In good health

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