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Desserts Cooklet - 10 Delicious Recipes


Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it? Not me. Download our free Human Ecology Desserts Cooklet

Welcome to the world of guilt free desserts! All the recipes you will find in this Cooklet have passed the test with discerning dessert aficionados. Most people are seekers of sugar. The ‘sweet’ taste receptor is right there on the tip of the tongue and cries out for satisfaction. I want to show you how to satisfy this craving with healthy treats.

These desserts use only natural organic ingredients and have great nutritional value. Some of the recipes are for every day enjoyment, such as the applesauce, the kanten or a few nuggets, others are for special occasions. The day to day recipes are doable even on a low budget.  I personally like the simple apple and pear desserts but when we have family and friends for dinner it is great to make something special

I only use organic fair trade ingredients that are kind to the soil, the planet and do not involve food slavery. Please be conscious of where your ingredients come from.

Enjoy good health daily.

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