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We are passionate about sharing our work with the world through our Human Ecology Project. Our series of free eBooks will continue to grow over the coming months. Human health drives innovation and better environmental practices in a built environment, which is why we work to create a healthier world.

The focus of nutritional studies has shifted away from food and toward the individual components of food. While that is an interesting study, it has really not informed the debate as to what a healthy diet looks like. What foods do we need in order to get the proper balance of nutrients? It turns out that the answer is not a mystery.

If we look at the leading edge of nutritional science, we see that there is little disagreement. Certainly, there are conflicts with those who stubbornly defend the past, who have a vested interest in a particular product, or who refuse to believe that the foods they love can possibly be harmful; but these arguments are superficial and unimportant. If we apply the considerations in previous posts regarding personal health, social justice, environmental concerns, and ethical considerations, we arrive at the Human Ecology Diet. It is a simple approach and contains all the foods essential for personal, social, and environmental well-being. The ingredients are not “superfoods” packed with powerful and mysterious micronutrients. In fact, a healthy diet is more a fusion of traditional diets from around the world with the simple considerations of ecological and economic realities taken into account.

The food groups listed in our free e-Book are not based exclusively on botanical classifications but, rather, on the groupings that are familiar to a person shopping in a local market.

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