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Health - The Life Hack Scam


Anyone paying attention to what is happening with modern health care will be aware of the rise in the supposed “Life Hacks” on the market. The semantics of this are clear, we are to believe that the body is a computer and that clever humans can outwit the programming and fool the body into health. The arrogance of this idea is stunning.  The idea seems to be that if you use technology and exotic concentrated nutrients you can insure longevity and perfect health. What is missing is the simple truth that human self-awareness is one of the principal qualities of a healthy life.

Through self-discipline, simple natural principles, and awareness we can become masters of our own bodies and minds. It is not necessary or beneficial to constantly seek out shortcuts to health. It is the natural feedback systems of the body that are our guides to understanding and mastering our health. We are constantly being educated by our immune system, our mental awareness, and our body sense about the effects of our health habits. 

Like any animal on planet earth, the feedback we get from normal functions tell us important information. We are constantly getting messages about our quality of sleep, the regularity of our bowels, our ability to slow down or speed or accelerate our reaction to environmental change, our emotional responses to others and the energy we receive from simple food. These are the keys to healthy body autonomy.  Without the ability to interpret these simple daily messages we are constantly at the whim of the latest theory, product or technology that promises something we should already have. We have nothing against experimentation or technology when it enhances our human experience but there are important questions that need to be asked. 

Most health shortcuts are opinions and not science. Cherry picking an individual study is easy in the digital age. An isolated idea or even a fact does not automatically indicate a healthy action. A nutritional example would be taking an isolated nutrient shown to have a specific effect does not mean it will give a healthy response when removed from its natural source. We could refer here to historical problems with the vitamin C craze, thought to cure so many ills but proved dangerous to health when taken in mega doses as an extract. We could refer to the idea that Omega 3 fats are protective of dementia when no science claims it to be true. 

The rush to seek out short cuts leads to confusion and a symptomatic approach to health care. In nutritional terms it often means that simply eating a provably healthy diet is side-lined by consuming smoothies with numerous magical claims rather than food that must be prepared, chewed, and digested for maximum effect. One approach assumes that a tasty, concentrated, and quick life hack can replace wholistic nutrition and the other acknowledges the importance of whole foods, complete and efficient digestion, moderated absorption, and effective metabolism. 

The long evolution of the human organism needs to be respected. The simple actions that produce vital health are well known and based on daily actions that respect our relationship with planet earth and the heritage of human wisdom. Refer to our free eBooks on the website and forget the hacks. 

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