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Let's Keep Fish In The Sea


It is our passion and pleasure to share our third short movie from our Human Ecology Project. Bill and I decided to create these short movies covering different topics that are crucial to our survival as a species. 

The ocean is perhaps the most complex ecosystem on earth, and it is being drained of life by human activity. The damage being done will have catastrophic effects on all life on the planet. The fate of fish is the foundation of the health of the oceans and all terrestrial life. We have placed a price on the life within the sea and the minerals beneath it but have not considered the cost. The cost is the wellbeing of future generations.

In the more affluent countries of the world and among many health enthusiasts’ fish and other seafoods have been touted as healthy alternatives to mammal meat and poultry and even as a health food. Self-described pescatarian diets have become the rage. They claim that it is the healthiest diet, nothing could be further from the truth.

The need for animal sourced protein has been disproven by thousands of scientific studies. This is in addition to the fact that fish are one of the most polluted foods available.

The levels of chemical pollution in the ocean are critical. The pollution is comprised of industrial toxins, agricultural runoff, air pollution and consumer plastics. This is the sea that all aquatic life must live in and feed on. We are using the oceans as a sewer and garbage dump and then eating the creatures who live in it.

Fish is not a health food

Fish such as salmon, mackerelmarlin, shark, swordfish. shark and tuna all contain high levels of mercury and PCB’s.  These are dangerous industrial pollutants that concentrate in tissue of predator fish.

There is a professional agreement that women who are pregnant or nursing or who plan to become pregnant within a year should avoid eating these fish. So should children younger than six. If fish are that toxic why would we want to eat them in any condition? Of growing concern is radioactive pollution, industrial toxins, agricultural run-off and sewerage - this chemical cocktail contaminates the ocean food chain. A situation with unimaginable consequences.

Many people who are concerned about the health of the environment choose to eat fish. They base their choice on the belief that fishing causes less harm than other animal sourced foods - they are mistaken. In our hunger for fish we are destroying the oceans of the world.

Without healthy oceans we die.

Our treatment of the oceans and our attack on the non-human lives we share the planet with always ends badly. If we are interested in creating a peaceful and healthy planet we need to think more clearly about our actions. Food, along with air and water is our biological link to the planet. Our choices are threatening all life and we must change our habits before it is too late, AND TIME IS RUNNING OUT.

Please stop eating all non-human animals living on the land and in the sea. It is the right thing to do. And you can do it now. No need to cut back or slowly withdraw, simply stop. You will be rewarded with better health as well as the knowledge that you are daily working toward a healthy world

Please Go Vegan, the world needs your right now.

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