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Living With The Seasons


What does this mean?  It simply means that we must live and work in perfect harmony with nature.  When we live and work against the laws of nature we experience dis-ease within the body. When we watch nature’s energy rising and falling through each season it should be a guideline to all of us how we can best cope with the energy each season brings.

Let's take the season of winter as an example as nature demonstrates to us that winter is a time of hibernation and stillness. Growth ceases as nature rests. The body thickens, the blood slows down the digestion and we gain a few pounds in preparation for the period of hibernation. We require this extra body fat to keep our kidneys warm during the long cold months.

It’s all about cultivating awareness

This concept gives us complete balance as we live within nature’s energy. The body’s inherent desire is for perfect health. We have the ability to earn our way back to that state. Give the body what it needs and it knows what to do. We should adjust our diet according to the seasons. During the colder months, many people eat large quantities of fruits and salads that have been imported from abroad. These foods are best suited in the summer months for cooling the body. That is one reason why it is important to live with the seasons and enjoy what is grown locally.

Food is and should be considered a medicine, therefore a nutritious and well balanced diet governs our ability to function at our best in health and life. Let’s therefore look at how we tend to work against this natural state of being.

What is food?

The answer to that simple question is the environment. We eat and live from our environment as each season comes and goes. As we are currently in spring, watching all the newly sprouted greens is simply a great joy. The earth once again comes alive from the dormancy of winter and brings us delicious crops to enjoy all summer long. How the earth transforms itself into a variety of delicious food is simply breathtaking.

By eating from our environment we become part of it as we are creating harmony with the earth under our feet so to speak. If we eat foods that are grown in areas very different from our environment we can create problems. Many people from the northern hemisphere eat a diet that is heavy in many foods from the tropics. Coffee, chocolate and many tropical fruits etc. This can result in many forms of dis-ease such as allergies, auto-immune diseases etc., Take a lesson from our animal kingdom, they all know what to eat in balance with their natural environment.

Today's food supply is loaded with artificial foods, chemicals and drugs that are clearly not going to contribute to a healthy and vital body and mind. Eat local, sustainable, organic produce that is kind to the earth that sustains all life.

Health is everything, without health, everything is nothing

In good health

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