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The REAL Truth About Carbs Workbook

This is a Human Ecology Project Workbook The REAL Truth About Carbs

We hope you can find a group of friends and watch the video together to discuss the issues presented in it. We have supplied some questions to get the ball rolling if you need them, and supplied a full text of the video with references to some studies and articles if you want to carry your studies deeper. 

According to a Cambridge University research review, “Epidemiological studies find that whole-grain intake is protective against cancer, CVD, diabetes, and obesity”. They went on to say that whole grains have high concentrations of dietary fibre, resistant starch, antioxidants, and other compounds linked to disease prevention.

It is easy to see that the mythologies regarding weight gain and carbohydrate consumption are related to the overconsumption of refined products. One needs to look no further than the cultures that rely on cereal grains as their main food to see the absurdity of the weight gain claim. For centuries the human diet has relied heavily on complex carbohydrate foods such as grains, beans, root vegetables, tubers, seeds, and fruits as principal foods. Our bodies are even especially constructed to eat them.

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The REAL Truth About Carbs

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